Thursday, August 2, 2007

We Picked a Winner

Mr. Vick is dragging me to his private golf club today for a Big Money match with two sharks from Brooklyn, but before I head for the putting green, I thought I'd brag a little about EXC on the Big Board. We bought it Monday morning at $69.12 a share in the midst of fear and loathing on Wall Street. It closed last night at $74.10 a share, so we're up about $5 on each of our 50 shares. Since a $250 gain would put us back in the black for our Hot Tips section, I'm thinking about selling now instead of waiting for the rumored merger my Hot Tipster told us about. Any pop at the opening today and we're gonzo. I'll update later today from the clubhouse if in fact I bail.

Update -- I sold the 50 EXC shares this morning at $74.25 for a net profit on this trade of $240.50. Minus the $120 we lost on TGE, our Hot Tipster account is now up $120.

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