Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dennis Lehane, Where R U?

Since they made a movie out of Mystic River, and author Dennis Lehane reaped Hollywood-size rewards (think big bucks and busty broads), what the heck has he been doing? Oh, sure, his publishers batched some of his short stories and came out with Coronado last year, but I'm talking about a novel, Dennis. Have you gone J.D. Salinger on us? Hidden yourself away to spend all that loot and enjoy your fame?

As a friend of his private detective character, Patrick Kenzie, I miss reading about my buddy in print. I love that series. But I'm starting to worry about Patrick and his on-again/off-again girlfriend (Aren't they all?). Like so many series characters do, has Patrick quietly died?

Thinking he might know something I don't because of his recent crime convention tour, I asked The Famous Author if he's heard any news about Dennis and my buddy Patrick.

"Nothing on Patrick, but I heard Dennis Lehane worked on one new novel for months, then threw it away," TFA said last night. "Supposedly, he's started another. Oh, and I just found out last week he's been busy doing workshops on the craft of writing. In fact, I've applied for one. If he accepts us, I'm taking you to Florida in January."

"Really? And when we're you going to mention it? As we're heading for the airport? I've got to stock up on coconut oil and some new Hawaiian shirts."

TFA hung up on me. The guy's a bit touchy lately. Oh well, who cares.

Anyway, if any of you liked the atmospheric darkness, the sudden violence of Mystic River, I think you'd also enjoy my buddy Patrick Kenzie and his series. Here's a brief description of Gone Baby Gone, but the first couple of sentences pretty much apply to the whole series.

"This neighborhood is no place for the innocent, the young, the defenseless or the pure. This is a territory of broken families, bitter cops, whacked out ex-cons, and a mother who watches herself on the nightly news as her missing child floats further and further into the unknown. Boston private investigators, Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro, don't want this case. But after pleas from the child's aunt, they embark upon an investigation and ultimately risk losing everything- their relationship, their sanity, and even their lives-to find this little-girl-lost."

Don't tell him, but I hope TFA gets approved for Lehane's writing workshop. I could use some nastier villains to overcome. Lehane's scare the crap out of me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Austin...You ever think of marketing yourself at places where stockbrokers hang out? Conventions or ya know across the little brook there to the island of Manhattan. Them brokers got themselves a chat group or Yahoo group of some sort where they exchange information for suckers, er, clients to pick up tips? Could pick up some sales and maybe make a connection with a lady.

-Detective Roger Stark
"There are limits to negotiations."

Austin Carr said...

Rog, I think you're on to something, although TFA is skeptical. He says stockbrokers don't read. I have to admit the percentage must be low, at least in my experience, but I can't be the only stock-jockey who likes crime fiction. Maybe TFA will get busy if I tell him my blog has hits almost everyday from Wall Street--Morgan Stanley, Salomon Bros., and SB's parent, Citicorp. They can't be here looking for my TIPS!

Anonymous said...

Austin, if you and TFA end up in FL in January, let me know! Will he bring his Speedo? Beth the soon-to-be Florida resident

Austin Carr said...

Anywhere near St. Petersburg?

Anonymous said...

You betcha - a mere hour and a half away. My folks lived in St. Pete for 20 years - I know the best rooftop bar on St Pete Beach - good seafood - great sunset views - outstanding margaritas. The first one's on me! Then there's Ted Peter's smoked fish...a St Pete tradition. The Horse and Jockey, if you're into British-style fish and picked the right town, Austin!

Austin Carr said...

Ok, Beth. Here's the plan. I'll drop off TFA in Brandon to visit Lorin and Brenda, steal his Speedo, and then you and I can hit the spots in St. Pete.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan, Austin! I'll see if I can find a matching Speedo...