Sunday, August 19, 2007

Do You Really Wear Speedos?

Not many days of summer left, mi amigos and amigas, so I'm heading to the beach to catch some of the very last rays of 2007. But before I do, I wanted to share a snippet of The Famous Author's interview yesterday with a widely read fiction website. TFA's not sure when it will be published. I'm hoping NEVER!

The interviewer put TFA in a good mood (a common, professional technique) by calling BIG NUMBERS an "impressive debut." But later, the interviewer asked: "What, if anything, did you do to get into this character who is a bit of a greedy horny guy, or did that not require anything in the way of, er, research?"

TFA's shocking answer: "Sometimes I think Austin Carr is the little red devil sitting on my shoulder. If I listened to that beast all the time, I'm sure I'd be in jail, or even dead. But in small doses, he can be very entertaining."

Gee, thanks, Geez. I'm a beast, am I?

Then the reviewer said, "Please tell me you don’t really walk around in a Speedo."

Incredibly, TFA answered, "No. Not since my prostate operation."

Un-be-lievable! As long as I live, I will never understand why TFA is always blurting out personal things for the world to ridicule. Does he think this kind of thing sells books? I have no clue. And knowing him the way I do, I'd have to say TFA has no clue either. He just does it. I can't wait until the Big Numbers World Tour resumes next month in California and some old high school classmate asks him about his missing organ.


Anonymous said...

Austin, I think it would be fitting if you posted a picture of TFA in said Speedo...inquiring minds want to know!

Austin Carr said...

Okay, Beth. You knew you were sticking your neck out, right? I mean, you don't call a man into the street, ask him to show you the package, and then laugh and think you're going to walk away unscathed, do you? I mean, The Famous Author met you. He talked with you about your manuscript. TFA says you're a smart lady.

So I'm sure it will not offend, or shock you to say, The Famous Author has already "seen Beth's packages," and he was...well, impressed. In fact, he claims he barely remembers your story (He does recall laughing a lot) due to the 28-minute battle to "control my eyes."

TFA said...

You are no gentleman, Carr. Behave yourself!

Austin Carr said...

Gez, Geez. You created me. In fact, on Scott Butki's blog yesterday (link lower right), you said I was the "beast" on your shoulder.

Gene said...

the solution is obvious... have beth pose in the speedo...then we all go away happy.

Gene S

Anonymous said...

Ah, Austin, when are you going to get TFA under control?? I had expected more from you...

That being said, please tell TFA he was ever the gentleman, especially since my "packages" are extremely hard to ignore. TFA 1, Beth's packages 0.

I'll work on the Speedo shot, just for you, Gene.

On that note...