Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This one's for The Famous Author. TFA's first adult-rated dreams may have included Ann-Margret Olsson, born overseas somewhere, one of those countries where everyone's named Olsson. Renamed Ann-Margret by her Las Vegas mentor, George Burns, she turned her redhaired beauty and singing/dancing talents into major film roles in "Pocketful of Miracles," "State Fair," "Bye Bye Birdie," "Viva Las Vegas" with Elvis, "Stagecoach," and "The Cincinnati Kid." Oh, and Academy Award nominations for "Carnal Knowledge," with Jack Nicholson, and "Tommy."

TFA says she had a sexy voice, too, and "a hit record." He remembers getting...thrilled...over the sound of her music. We checked it out with another character we know, Kate London, and she says TFA is half-right. Ann-Margret scored once with a song called 'I Just Don't Understand' that peaked at 17 on Billboard's Top 40, the third week of August 1961. Ann-Margret's thoaty voice rocked TFA on the top 40 six weeks straight that summer of '61. He can probably sing the words. I hope he waits until he gets inside the Social Security office before he breaks out.

SUB HEADS: The knock-out redhead's live performances have drawn record audiences in the Orient, Las Vegas, and Miami for several decades...She fell off a stage once, and the injuries almost ended her career...Her husband Roger Smith took good care of her...She put her own career aside when Roger got sick himself.

Cheers, Ann! Thanks for making TFA happy during those formative 60s. Your inspirations have been good for us all.


Anonymous said...

I'd arrest her just to be near her.

-Detective Roger Stark
"There are limits to negotiation."

P.S. I'm your 1,000th viewer. Do I get a prize?

Austin Carr said...

TFA has a couple of used, Big Numbers T-shirts...

Marshall-Stacks said...

Det. Stark there exhibiting a 'reward for accident' culture that is not attractive, his reward is the lyrical sight of that triple 0 fer chrissakes.

re "He can probably sing the words."

and I can sing them with you.

After Mr.Ackroyd played 2000lb Bee at the funeral of Mr Belushi, when we all played the 'What Song Do You Want Played At Your Funeral?' game, my husband (now ex) claimed
Miss A-M's recording of IJDU.

I guessed you might have already included A-M for RHOTW, but searching from the archives, I kept getting sidetracked.
Hepburn, K., Lucille Ball, Rita Cansino aka Gilda, ... Jerry Hall had red hair when she left Texas, and there's an English model/actress Lily Cole with red hair. She played a very naughty schoolgirl in recent St.Trinians movie. Cate Blanchett played the historic Queen Elizabeth with her own natural red hair which she had playing a bad girl in Bandits with Willis and B-B Thornton too. Little Nell the NYC nightclub Aussie from The Rocky Horror movie has red hair. ...