Sunday, August 26, 2007

Beach Day

Don't look at the calendar. The sight could depress you.

Labor Day Weekend and the frosts of fall close in like a pack of white wolves. The sun has been crossing the sky in lower arcs since June 22, but soon its path will topple, bringing to the Northeast cold, snow, and icy surfaces.

All of which sends me to the beach today, even if clouds block the sun. I will dunk myself in the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps body surf if the waves are right. No one is promised tomorrow.

I might even wear my Speedo.


Anonymous said...

Move to Wrightsville Beach in NC. You can do stocks electronically, and swim comfortably in the ocean until late October. I've swum there on Thanksgiving weekend.

Crime is low, mostly college stuff from UNC-Wilmington (Seahawks). But it might be tough on the job, they start sunbathing in March on the beach. Very distracting.

-Detective Roger Stark
"There are limits to negotiation."

Anonymous said...

Did you notice I didn't say a thing about the Speedo this time? Beth is a quick learner...

Austin Carr said...

I was thinking a little farther south, Roger, but maybe I'll check it out.

Congrats, Beth. We like fast learners.