Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Recovery

Mr. Vick and I are off to Spring Lake Country Club today for a rematch with those two toothless sharks from Staten Island, but before I pack my clubs and hit the links, I thought I'd better provide a few updates.

First and foremost, The Famous Author is feeling better today. Yesterday's post described TFA's waning enthusiasm for our future, and a number of friends checked in to voice their concern. TFA's PR lady even called with a new radio interview. Despite a certain lack of PC-ness, and the risk of offending some of TFA's friends, here's my favorite email on the subject, which was addressed to TFA:

"Hope you will hang in there and remember you have a lot of fans who care about you, even if there isn't a goddam book store in Fairyland smart enough to promote a good mystery. Maybe if you have Austin consider a lifestyle change, the (San Francisco) Bay area will get 'behind' him. He can sing in the gay chorus and solve a murder at a bathhouse."

In the area of hot tips, our current investment vehicle, EXC, fell below $70 a share yesterday. On Monday, I said I would sell at this point and take the loss, but darn if I'm throwing in the towel when I feel a change coming. My market indicators suggest stocks in general are way, way oversold, and I think EXC (Exelon) is extremely well positioned to rebound.

Sometimes you have to go with your gut. Plus, I keep thinking about that $90 a share takeover rumor.


Anonymous said...

That trip to the Dairy Queen must have done wonders for you. Either that or the six-pack of Colt 45s I found where your car was parked.

Now get back to work, or I'll arrest you for killing adjectives without a replacement verb.

-Detective Roger Stark
"There are limits to negotiation."

Austin Carr said...

Waiting to tee off on the 10th at Spring Lake, I check in to find, what? The King of Grammar telling me to get to work? It's Thursday, dude. Austin Carr does not work on Thursdays. Besides, the stock market is crashing--down another 300 on the Dow as I write this--and the office has to bee buzzing with angry investors. Think I'll stick to fleecing turkeys on the golf course. And maybe the bar afterward with a little gun rummy...