Monday, August 27, 2007

Seeing is Believing WYW

Check out OPEN ENERGY CORP (OEGY) on the OTC Bulletin Board. The price as of Friday's close was seventy-two cents. Each. That's right. I'm giving you a penny stock. Pull on your helmit, or stand back and watch.

OEGY is a renewable energy company focused on the development and commercialization of solar products for power, fresh water and related commodities. OEGY's products include roofing membranes, roofing tiles, and architectural glass, all of this and the charts according to Reuters ProVestor Plus Company Report, via E*TRADE.

I'm buying the stock this morning for our Hot Tips Account, currently plus $134 on three trades. (Not exactly burning down the house, I know, but at least we're winning.) ((Ed. Note 8/27: HTA is plus $132))

Why would I risk good money on a stock so close to zero? The charts, people. Those little pictures into a trader's mind.

Our Hot Tipster this week rides the $40 ferry to New York City everyday and an expensive Wall Street office. He hangs in great drinking holes. Better for us, the man has big ears and a bigger mouth. The only thing that makes me skeptical, this man is also a chartist. And he says the chart directly above shows it's time to buy OEGY.

What about the chart above that one? The chart that shows a perfect double-top forming?

"No, no," the Hot Tipster says. "You have to look at the Big Picture. Check the chart on the left NOW."

Looks like a hump to me.

But I think I understand now. It's all What You Want to see. Like any kind of fortune telling, a lucky interpretation is the key to success. Especially with penny stocks. And I'm hoping, wishing, thinking OEGY is as good as the last one this guy gave me. WWAT. That's the chart to the left now. Trouble is, what usually happens with tips, they're like roads and highways: The one you take is never as good as the one you passed.

I'll check back in here when I've made my purchase. (Okay, at 9:47 this morning I bought 3,000 shares at 72 cents for a total cost of $2,160.)

"Hey, Patrick. Where's your New York Giant's helmit?"

WARNING: DANGER TO YOUR FINANCIAL HEALTH. Taking Austin Carr's advice is like standing outside in a rainstorm. You will get wet. Lightning could strike. Austin Carr is a fiction of TFA's warped and aging mind. If you buy one of these stocks and lose money, you can't tell the judge, "Hey, Your Honor. I thought it was real."

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