Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Let's Get Cozy

Christine Goff writes humorous, cozy mysteries that focus on environmental concerns and bird-watching. Not MY usual cup of tea, as it has no sex and no overt violence, but Chris's writing is so good, the puzzles so much fun to ponder, each new book in her series is a must-read for this crime fiction fan.

In her most recent title, DEATH SHOOTS A BIRDIE, the fifth in the Birdwatcher’s Mystery series, Chris exposes the effects of development on the fragile coastal Georgia environment while unmasking the killer of the keynote speaker at a birding convention. Lots of alligators, snakes, and a fine mystery that kept me scratching my head until the final reveal.

I couldn't get Christine on the telephone yesterday, so I asked The Famous Author about her. Often in mutual attendance at various conferences and conventions, Chris and TFA like to plot practical jokes together.

AC: What's Christine like as a person?

TFA: First and foremost, Chris is a real lady. She's smart, clever, and has a great sense of humor, but it's her always-pleasant personality that first attracts.

AC: Not the red hair?

TFA: Chris doesn't have red hair. She's a brunette.

AC: Interview over.

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