Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We Need A Lawyer!

Well, Rick was right. The Famous Author met a redhead at the bar Monday afternoon, and many margaritas. And while the night seemed to go well, all hell broke lose when the redhead's husband came home. Turns out Red's hubby was Puerto Vallarta's Chief of Police.

Oh, my, TFA. You sure can pick'em.

Anyway, we're in trouble down here south of the border. No money. No food. No high priced Randall Zimmer Esq. to get my boss out of the small, hot, and dirty jail.

Hey, Jason! How about flying down and bringing one of those hurricanes with you? I think a good wind might provide entry.

I tried to get a shot of TFA's redhead (for our Redhead of the Week spot) but no dice. In fact, I'm hiding from the Mexican nabs right now. Think they'll look in TFA's computer case?

1 comment:

Rick Bylina said...

Brian's a criminal lawyer. If he can't help, I bet he can sniff out a good cup of coffee.

Sounds like good material for the next book in the series...

"BIG TAMALES" Austin lands a whale and a big bonus, jets to Mexico on comp tickets, and ends up with a dreamy redhead whose doesn't know the meaning of restraint and neither does her ex!