Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mr. Nice Guy 2007

Meet Jeff Markowitz. He writes the Cassie O'Malley Mystery Series for Five Star, previously mentioned here under laugh-out-loud mysteries. Jeff also wins this year's Nicest Author on the Mystery Tour Award, handed out by The Famous Author. (Who demanded space on my blog to announce this.)

"I met dozens of friendly authors traveling this past year--Sandra, Jane, L.C., Neil, Bruce, RC, Lee, and so many others--but picking one as The Nicest wasn't as hard as I expected," TFA said last night. "Jeff actually showed up at one of my signings. It was amazing."


Jeff Markowitz said...

Thanks for your kind words, Jack. It was fun. See you in Philly. (btw: I'm signing in with my blogger account, but you'll notice I don't really blog here. You'll find my active blog on xanga).


Diane said...

austin - loved Big Numbers! You can read my review of it on my blog here

Austin Carr said...

Glad you liked TFA's book, Diane. I think it was the subject matter. :-)