Thursday, December 13, 2007

An August Panel

"Hey, Brian, are you sure we're in the right courtroom?"

"Absolutely, dude. This is where they told me to go."

"But all these judges, those long robes...feels like you're going to argue a change in the constitution or something?

"Exactly. Our best defense is that the Chief of the Puerto Vallarta Police violated your iguana rights."

"My what?"

"Haha. Did I say iguana? I meant your civil rights."

"Brian, have you been sipping from that brown jug?"

"Si, senor. Ha ha ha ha."

Oh, man, and I thought TFA and I we're in trouble before.

"But Brian, I am not on trial. It's The Famous Author."

"Really? I'm confused. Which one of you was sleeping with the Chief's wife."

"Neither one of us, man. TFA was there, but he's innocent."

"Well, where is he?"

"I dunno. I thought we were going to meet him."

Looks like I'm alone again. Trapped in Puerto Vallarta.

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