Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Redhead With Extras

Vanessa Collingridge is a British journalist who started her career in television as a question checker on game shows. Her fourteen-month stint as a weathergirl on BBC Scotland made her a household name.

Who could forget her famous and personal revelations about upper body freckles?

She later worked as a producer and presenter for all five British national television channels, as well as BBC national radio.

In 2000 she quit her television presenter's job on Tonight with Trevor McDonald to author two biographies, one of eighteenth century explorer James Cook (The first European to surf Honolulu), and one of Celtic warrior queen, Boudica.

Collingridge has lived in Scotland since 1989, and resides in a converted farmhouse on the shore of Castle Semple Loch near Lochwinnoch with her partner (Alan Somebody), and sons Archie and Angus. She is currently studying to complete her Ph.D. in historical cartography at the University of Glasgow, while working as a broadcaster for BBC Radio Scotland's Buried Treasure and BBC Radio's Making History.

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dddoc said...

Gid luck ti the bonny lass an lets hope she get's her Phd ****