Saturday, December 22, 2007

Okay, Okay. Sorry.

The Famous Author's PR Chief threatened to shut down my blog if I didn't post something on top of that crazy man below. (Think he was having fun? Think he might have been influenced by some organic chemical made from cactus?)

Okay. Okay. So here's the PR Chief's "suggested" replacement, a Golden Shovel shot of TFA (right) and Paul Schroeder, Boss Librarian at the Bound Brook, NJ Memorial Library. Have you ever seen two more uncomfortable men? At least TFA has a nice tan from our Puerto Vallarta adventure.

Paul is a swell guy, incidentally, and I would say that even if Paul hadn't admitted to being an Austin Carr fan. He's a big mystery buff, and very well read (duh!). Right now, Paul has the whole neighborhood (all five copies are out) reading Big Numbers.

I think TFA offered to repaint the basement restroom.


Rick Bylina said...

I used to ride my bike to the Bound Brook library growing up because my home town didn't have one until I was in High School, and then it wasn't much of a library. I may have gone to school with his sister, Linda.

Write on!

Austin Carr said...

It may not be a giant library, but it was fun to see the place busy, serving the community. Lots of students doing homework, or building bombs, and there was an English as Second Language class going on, too. A couple of people even had time to meet a new mystery author. TFA sold and signed five books.