Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vacation Read #1

While resting and partying in Puerto Vallarta this past week (scroll down for a more detailed description of our adventures), The Famous Author and I managed to read two mysteries and two speculative thrillers, all this between numerous legal and social obligations. Judged best book of the week is WHO IN HELL IS WANDA FUCA? by G.M. Ford.

TFA and I both liked the protagonist, Leo Waterman, a Seattle private eye who not only knows every drunk in the city, he employs them. The story itself was a ton of fun, with a big ending, even if I'd figured out which villain had to be pulling the strings. Leo's a guy we'd like to see again, so TFA says he's going to buy me a few more.

TFA says Mr. Ford is a very clever, funny writer. I just liked Leo.

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