Monday, October 29, 2007

What, Me Worry?

Open Energy Corp. (OEGY).

How long have we been buried in this sucker? Two months? Yup. Since August 28.

Worse, we paid an average of over 66 cents a share for our stock. Now it's worth 55 cents.

The Swami looks good on the overall market. He sucks with stock picks.

Ha. Easy to say now. But what will you say next week or next month when I sell OEGY for 85 cents a share?

Huh? What will you say then?

Thanks to E-Trade Charts, Mad Magazine, and Harvey Kurtzman

1 comment:

Rick Bylina said...

Hmm. Maybe I should buy OEGY this morning and ride the wave up!

Write on! Write on!! Brothers and sisters, amen. Write on!!!