Thursday, October 11, 2007

SWAT Team Surrounds Me

"I was making coffee when I heard the first shots, " I say. "The Special Weapons And Tactical truck arrived just as I looked out the window."

"Carr, you're the worst liar ever," Rags says. "They don't even HAVE Swat teams in New Jersey. Get in here and get on the money machine, or you're fired."

"I swear, Boss. I'm not allowed to leave the house. The cops just knocked on my door, told me to stay inside until further notice."

"That's the worst story you ever came up with. You know that? The worst. How do you make this stuff up? Your talents are wasted selling stocks and bonds. You should be in Hollywood, writing for television."

"Good idea, Rags. Turn on the TV," I say. "I hear like ten helicopters buzzing around. This thing has to be on the local news channel. Probably a hostage situation at that stripper Trixie's apartment."

"I'm hanging up, Carr. If you're not at your desk in thirty minutes, on the phone, I'm firing you."

"Rags, please. Turn on the TV. The police are cutting the telephone lines--"

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