Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mystery Research

The Famous Author shanghaied me before dawn this morning. He wants to research several chapters in his current Work In Progress, Big Mojo. In a few scenes, I have to run through the rough and cluttered terrain of the decaying World War II embattlements at the end of Sandy Hook.

For non-Jerseyites, The Hook is a long peninsula that points toward Manhattan, the first piece of NJ protecting New York Harbor. It's now a popular station for the U.S. Coast Guard and thousands of fishermen, bird watchers, and sunbathers, but as far back as revolutionary times, Sandy Hook has always played an important role in the military defense of New York.

In World War II, the artillery bunkers at the tip of Sandy Hook achieved small-city status, and their current remnants provide a dangerous and mood-provoking ruin of broken steel and cement, an ominous background for TFA's WIP.

I only brave the action-packed sequence, he tells me, because I'm protecting a redhead.

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