Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Redhead of the Week

Anchor, FOX Business Network

Emmy-winner Liz Claman joined FOX Business Network as an anchor in October 2007. Her debut included an exclusive interview with Berkshire Hathaway CEO and legendary investor Warren Buffett.

Before joining FBN, Liz served as an anchor at CNBC, most recently anchoring Morning Call and Cover to Cover. During her time at CNBC, Liz has interviewed hundreds of financial newsmakers, including Warren Buffett, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, and former Treasury Secretary John Snow.

At times, Liz also anchored Wake Up Call, Market Watch, and Today’s Business, and kept a lot of us stockbrokers tuning in to check out her red hair and hear that talk of hers. Vulnerable, attractive, and meant for television, Liz Claman has got it going on.

Before CNBC, Liz served as an anchor and reporter for Boston’s WHDH-TV (NBC) and anchored a two-hour daily talk show, The Morning Exchange for WEWS-TV (ABC) in Cleveland. She received an Emmy for her work on The Morning Exchange.

Thanks Liz, for being you, and thanks Fox News' website


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Rick Bylina said...

Hmm. So now you're getting web support from Afghanistan?

Rick Bylina said...

Hmm. So now you're getting web support from Afghanistan?

Austin Carr said...

I heard one radical group was reading Big Numbers to the faithful as an example of American capitalist depravity, so this must be some kind of offshoot. A fan among haters...

Computer repair NYC fan said...

I just got my computer repaired only to discover this blog of red heads and stocks. My sister is my "red head of the week". I'm interested to see what other different topics you've chosen to write about. Why red heads dare I ask?