Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Sky is Not Falling (Again)

The Swami wants to be bold. Not sure why. Predicting the future is difficult. But like I did last August 16th, I'm saying again now that the little guy is betting heavily on a market crash, and the little guy is always wrong.

Not surprisingly, this surge of bearishness of the part of the borish coincides with a plague of media stories predicting recession and market collapse. Oh, yeah. And a string of bad days in the stock market.

I warned you last week (during one of my recent bragging sessions) that we could see some profit-taking. I believe that's what we've just witnessed...or are witnessING.

But I'm still betting we see a new high on most market indices by Thanksgiving.

Let's see if The Swami can do it again.

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