Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Did The Swamie Call it Again?

Ok, I know it's way too early to gloat, or claim I was right, especially since making such a suggestion would jinx the heck out of my prediction, but have you noticed the market's performance since October 25th?

That's the day I suggested here that The Little Guy was once again betting heavily on a market crash, and that once again, The Little Guy would be wrong. The sky was not falling. Even with yesterday's decline, stocks have raced higher.

But no boasting. Yet. Let's see where we go from here. Remember, Austin Carr, Ace Fictional Stockbroker, alias The Swamie, says stocks will hit new highs before Thanksgiving. They have to. The Little Guy, the small investor who gambles, is so sure they won't.

In case you haven't totally noticed, the two dips in mid-August and October 25th (SEE CHART ABOVE) on the Standard & Poors 500 Index coincide exactly with The Swamie mentioning here how small investors were betting heavily on a crash.

If I'm right about the new stock market high by Thanksgiving, I'm buying a turban.


RAC said...

A C-note here, a C-note there, pretty soon we're talkin' about thousands...

Anonymous said...

That turban will look funny with all the pins on it, won't it?