Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bailouts & Beanies

A few weeks ago, The Famous Author had his picture taken with this hat on. Thought I've give you a close-up peek at this puppy today instead of posting, as TFA requires my presence in the fiction office all day today. Some major fight scene or something. He needs me to stage out the action.


Anonymous said...

Does TFA worry that he might start looking like a fisherman?

Just curious,

Anonymous said...

or maybe TFA is going use Austin's next winnabago and drive around the country collecting rest stop pins. I guess it is better than bumper sticks all over TFA car.

Austin Carr said...

Ah, Corkface. Another country heard from. The Italian Omar Sherif. Be careful here, Corks, as TFA could drag out photos of you and make me publish.

Austin Carr said...

And aen, what's with the lowercase initials? Am I supposed to know what they stand for? TFA says he has no clue either. But to answer your question, no. TFA says he is not worried because he likes fishermen. He's been known to wet a few lines of his own, particularly along the Southern California surf.

Rick Bylina said...

Do the pins hurts? I can't help but think they're sticking you in the noggin all the time. Does that stimulate thinking? Inquiring minds want to know.


Austin Carr said...

TFA says his head is so hard, he doesn't feel the pins.