Monday, October 8, 2007

Columbus Day Winner a Fan

Sci-Fi Writer Extraordinaire, Champion Long Distance Runner, and 2007 winner of a Darkly Comic, Very Official BIG NUMBERS T-shirt, Dennis Bounds, today wrapped up his third straight victory in Australia's famous Columbus Day Marathon, held each year in White Snake. Bounds completed the twenty-six-plus miles in a record forty-seven minutes.

"Aliens Rule," Bounds said.

By wearing his BIG NUMBERS T-shirt, Dennis clearly shows he's a fan, but The Famous Author reports Mr. B also had a hand in actually writing my first adventure.

"It was at a WRW critique session," TFA said. "Dennis enjoyed my prologue for BIG NUMBERS, but had some suggestions, including an additional line that became part of the book's short, opening paragraph: "Why doesn't he just shut the hell up and get this over with?"

Thanks, Pal.


Rick Bylina said...

A marathon in 47 minutes! Dennis must have been chased by one of Austin's redheaded ex-lovers bent on revenge...hmmm...maybe he was chasing one of Austin's redheads.

Kimberly Frost said...

Awesome time, Dennis, and nice wardrobe. ;)