Saturday, September 22, 2007

We're Traveling Again?

The Famous Author is dragging me along on a family vacation to South Carolina. He says he needs me with him to keep working on Big Bigness, the non-working title of number three in the Austin Carr Mystery Series.

Personally, I'd rather stay in the kennel with his dog than recreate in a beach house with THAT crew. Why can't I go back to Mystic, Conn. where the showgirls hang out?

My blogging time could get snipped this week.


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, both of you!!

Anonymous said...

You're in the dog house so much, it must seem like a second home already anyway.

Enjoy the beach. Maybe Vanna White will scratch you behind the ears. You're in her neck of the woods.

-Detective Roger Stark
"There are limits to negotiation."