Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Here's a Good Read

The Famous Author started reading me SILENCE by Thomas Perry last night. It was a cozy little scene, TFA propped up in the hotel bed, me curled up in his computer case. Very touching.

It took us about half a page to get hooked. This guy is a master of suspense, the King of Chase and Dangerous Escape. TFA and I have been reading Thomas Perry since we stumbled across SLEEPING DOGS about 10 years ago and buy each new book now in hardcover because we can't wait for the paperback.

We don't like Tom for masterful use of the language, poetic sentences. We like Tom because he spins a story that grabs you by the neck and won't let go. Like Elmore Leonard, Perry's words tend to disappear on the page as the tale unfolds before our eyes.

I don't think TFA is going work much on my third adventure until we finish this book. Darn. My story was getting good, too. I was just getting ready to bed another redhead.

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