Thursday, September 13, 2007

Believe me, Rags

"I'm in California."

"Right. And last night I humped Britany Spears."

"You did? Way to go, Rags. Does Carmela know?"

"Jerk. Get your butt in here."

"I'm in San Diego, Rags. No kidding. I'm with The Famous Author on a book signing tour."

"It's raining, Carr. You can't play golf today. Get your butt in here!"

"Actually, boss, it's 72 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. San Diego has the best weather in the world. It only rains about two inches a year, and the--"

"You know what, Carr. Do whatever the hell you want. I'm sick of this crap."

Gee, I wonder why Rags doesn't believe me?

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