Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In Search of a Pin

Our pal Kate London's creator, Susan Goodwill, has a contest going on her website.

Send in a photo of her debut novel, BRIGADOOM, on tour somewhere, and Susan will send you a skull and crossbones pin.

Which photo should I send in? I think The Famous Author looks a little old in some of these shots, not to mention fat, but he did get a lovely showgirl from the Mohegan Sun to snap these photographs.

The ancient cemetary is located next to the motel where TFA and I stayed part of this past weekend.

TFA really wants a skull and crossbones pin for that stupid hat he's wearing.

The black baseball cap has pins stuck all over it.

Next month, the old fart is going to install a beanie propeller.

1 comment:

Susan Goodwill said...

OKAY! I can take a hint!
TFA gets a pin.
aka The Soon-to-Be-Famous Author

(The picture of you under that headstone looks the oldest...