Thursday, September 27, 2007

Boca Moon

I met Boca Moon's main character, Lynn Woo, on a trip to Miami Beach earlier this year, and now consider her a friend.

To avoid the grim reaper, us series characters have to stick together! And since The Famous Author and Lynn's creator, Frank Foster, were chatting yesterday, I thought I'd put up Lynn's debut mystery here for my readers (Hi Mom!) to check out.

In Lynn's first story, her former commanding officer in Naval Intelligence is vacationing on a tropical island in Southwest Florida. Retired Admiral Whit Jenkins' son-in-law chooses the wrong night to take his infrared camera to the salty back bays in search of panthers. He pays for it with his life and Lynn discovers his murdered, mutilated body strung between two mangrove trees. It's been years since she's seen the result of violent death and she hasn't missed it.

Go get'em, Lynn!

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