Saturday, January 19, 2008

Working With Lehane & Lippman

The program is called Writers in Paradise. It's in its fourth year. Fiction writers like our own The Famous Author travel to Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL to study craft with Dennis Lehane, Laura Lippman, Sterling Watson, and others. Hopefully, TFA's writing skills will get a bump and a boost.

And last night, TFA said I can come, too! Oh, boy. Am I ready to get out of New Jersey. It's 20 degrees this morning, and the weather people say the temperature won't get above freezing for the next week.

Florida sunshine, here we come.

Oh, yeah. For you TCOAC readers, the next week could be a spotty one for blogs. These writer conferences are full of choice, young, sensitive women. Austin Carr will be busy.


Anonymous said...

Foggy and 66 right now, Austin. Calling for 64 as a high tomorrow, but then rebounding quite nicely. Make sure TFA packs something besides suntan lotion and his famous Speedo.

And tell him I'll see him next week - Florida is ready for both of you!

Rick Bylina said...

Hope your mind and belly are stuffed with good things.

My portfolio now looks like pancake before it rises.

Any new stock advice, Austin?

Austin Carr said...

Grab your ass and hold on tight. This selloff too shall pass.