Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lehane's New Novel

Our new pal, Dennis Lehane, author of MYSTIC RIVER, SHUTTER ISLAND, and other novels, gave us a scoop yesterday. He showed the writing class (including The Famous Author) the cover of his new novel, A GIVEN DAY, which he said would be published this coming September.

Dennis called it an "historical novel" based on the Boston Police strike of 1919. He said he'd been interested in that day since he was a little boy. The novel has been in the works for four and one half years.

Other tidbits: Dennis says he is done writing and reading mysteries. "I've been Oz, the man behind the curtain, and mysteries just don't interest me anymore." For Patrick and Angie fans, however (the stars of his PI series), Dennis did have one piece of encouraging news. He said a short story featuring his two sleuths would be forthcoming "soon."

Yikes! I guess BIG MONEY won't be on Dennis's TBR pile this year.

TFA and I are coming home to New Jersey tomorrow and--oh boy--TFA says he has a new redhead for our weekly feature. Can't wait to see what he scrounged up last night at that stupid tiki bar.


Rick Bylina said...

But he didn't say he was "absolutely done". I think he's just Michael Jordan done.

What is the most important, crucial piece of advice that TFA heard?

Austin Carr said...

Plot is what the character wants. Theme is what the character needs. Think Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. I will blog more about this tomorrow or the next day. TFA has been seriously wounded, poor guy.