Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is This Man Me?

Thanks to this blog, I hear from characters all over the world these days, and one them--Hey, Ramdar!--sent me this photo of the man being seriously considered to play Austin Carr (that's me) in a planned, independent foreign movie production of BIG NUMBERS. The Famous Author says it's more like a black market adult film project, that the producers' deposit check will never clear, even if they send it, which TFA doubts. What my mole Ramdar hears, all these guys need is to lock up this actor and sign a hotshot director, and then we get our deposit check.

Minor details, right? I think the fact that TFA met these two guys in the Puerto Vallarta jail has made him overly suspicious.

Anyway, who is this actor? Does he look like Austin Carr to you? Reminds me of a young Omar Sherif without the mustache. Might be too handsome, actually. I mean, if I looked THIS good, would I have to sell stocks and bonds for a living? Hell no. I'd be an actor!

I'd mention his name but my mole forgot to write it on the fax. Maybe next time.

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