Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Blurb! A Blurb! His Kingdom for a Blurb!

The Famous Author looked like this last night after going through his empty email folder. Not one famous mystery writer is offering to blurb our new adventure, BIG MONEY, due March 1. In fact, no un-famous mystery writer offered either. The book cover is coming. TFA's working on ad copy for the next Mystery Scene magazine. And TFA can't get a blurb.

You have to have a blurb, right?

TFA asked me not to list the rich and famous bastards who don't have time to read our book. He says they are swamped with blurb requests, and they don't know us from Adam.

Excuses, excuses.

Last year, of course, Edgar-winning author T.J. MacGregor gave us a great blurb for BIG NUMBERS. Something about, ahem, "engaging protagonists." But we can't ask T.J. to cough up another blurb for book two. Back to back endorsements could let the public know Trish and TFA are writing-conference pals.

Oops. Let that cat out of the bag...

Anyway, Robert, James, Ken, Linda, Laura, and Khaled, maybe next time, huh?


corkface said...

Big Money is a winner TFA. I wish my opinion meant something in the real world. I know it means something to you. Keep writing. I know this 2nd novel will catch the eyes of the BLURB people out there.

Austin Carr said...

Actually, Corkface, your opinion means a lot. The early calls are coming in from a couple of reviewers, and BIG MONEY looks solid.

Rick Bylina said...

I'd blurb, but then everyone would be asking you, "Rick who?" instead of, "What happens in book 3?"