Monday, January 14, 2008

Shameless Plug

The Famous Author met this author yesterday at the American Library Assn. convention in Philly, and TFA demanded I put up this cover and a promo piece today. Okay, he's the boss. Here's the promotion part:

Fresh out of med school and new to Philadelphia, Madison Cross is as green as they come. But she gets a chance to make her mark in the Crime Scene Unit when everyone-including the police-is quick to write off the deaths of two college girls as drug overdoses. For Madison, the evidence at the crime scene just doesn't add up.

Relying on her instincts, Madison embarks on an investigation that takes her from a pristine Ivy League campus to the seediest parts of town. And she must listen to what the bodies tell her-because unlike the living, the dead never lie.

Ooooo. Actually, this sounds pretty good. I wonder if D. H. Dublin gave TFA a copy? Also, I wonder if D.H. is a man or a woman.

"D. H. Dublin is actually a young guy named Jonathan McGoran," TFA said. "And no, he didn't give me a copy. They were too popular yesterday. But the third book in the series, FREEZER BURN, is due in September 2008."

"You sound like his PR man."

"Jon, Rosemary, and Marco were a lot of fun."

"Who are Rosemary and Marco?"

"Tell you later."

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