Thursday, January 3, 2008

International Summit Underway

Great business minds from all over the world gather in Branchtown, NJ today, not to solve hunger, rid the world of disease, or halt poverty, but to find a new home for Austin Carr's hot tip money. We are sick of OEGY, barking dog that she is. We are losing our shirts. The tip sucked. Down by half!

Egads, it chokes me to discuss the subject. But something has to be done. We can't go on pretending the old hot tip account doesn't exist.

Anyway, I've called in the best. The Beej, The Corkster, Captain JB, tipster has been left out.

Plus, we've invited The Famous Author who can actually read those stock tables in The Wall Street Journal. We will eat, drink, discuss the weather, and finally get down to my investment account. We need a winner, fast!

What we really need is some inside information. Any CEOs out there who want to risk their careers, jail time, and the wrath of TV commentators by giving me the scoop on an upcoming merger?


(Above chart showing Open Energy Corp. courtesy of E-TRADE)

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