Saturday, January 5, 2008

Can't Wait for the New Book Cover!

My second mystery novel, BIG MONEY, is due from Hilliard & Harris March 1, and any day now, H&H's chief executive and resident artist Stephanie Reilly is going to email The Famous Author our new cover art. Both TFA and I are VERY excited to see what Stephanie will come up with this time.

Last year, for our debut BIG NUMBERS, Stephanie knocked me out with this representation of the camper that both begins and ends the story.

We'd been expecting something with a million-dollar yacht, hot redheads, and a fat, green stack of C-notes. But Ms. Reilly ignored the obvious flash and grabbed at the story's center, a symbol of my struggle to win back Beth and Ryan.

So like I said, TFA and I are dying to see what Stephanie comes up with for BIG MONEY.

We've always wanted to know what that story's about.



Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed, Jano! And looking forward to March 1!

TFA said...

Thanks, Beth. You're a peach.

Rick Bylina said...

And what redheads are going to show up on TFA's arms at the first signing?

TFA said...

Rick, my wife is going over the potential list.

Rick Bylina said...

Just hope she doesn't consider Ron Howard and "Carrot Top" as viable options. One is mostly bald now and the other is just plain too weird.

I heard Vince was in Asbury Park over the holidays. Did he swing by and visit TFA? Thought maybe a deal was in making or that you'd at least sent him a letter expressing your interest in him playing the part.

Gotta go. A cardinal is taping at the window looking for handouts. At least it's not the bishop this time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a redhead these days! How can I get on the list? If I qualify, of course. :-)

Austin Carr said...

Rick, Carrot Top is out, but Ron Howard I would force TFA to consider, hair or no. And unfortunately, Vince still hasn't read the book.

Beth, TFA is holding try-outs in St. Petersburg, Jan. 19 thru 27, by appointment only.

Anonymous said...

Tell TFA I'm around Jan 19-24, and can show him the coolest rooftop bar on the beach AND the best fish and chips this side of the Atlantic.

And if he brings you with him, he gets brownie points because I get to hang out with TWO handsome men!

Austin Carr said...

TFA says he's already contacted you privately. I know I'd like to. :-)
Just kidding, sweetie. I have a reputation to live up to.

Anonymous said...

I believe, Austin, that comment reflects aforementioned reputation... :-)

Play your cards right, and I'll do a private interview with you after TFA and his famous writer friends and I catch up!