Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wake Up, America!

Stop watching television.

Other forms of entertainment require you to DO something. Read and turn the page. Respond on a keyboard.

Television does YOU. Having TV feed you sight and sound even changes your brainwaves. It makes you slubbish. You actually get closer to sleep.

So wake up, America. Read a book.

Don't tell me they cost too much. Ask for something at the library.


Anonymous said...

The Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester has NO book stores. None. Zip. Zero. Huge mall. No way to buy a book. Really sad.

I had to drive down the road to B&N to reassure myself that folks are still reading...

Austin Carr said...

No drug store with a rack of paperbacks? Yipes.
New Hampshire? You do travel a lot, Beth.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad, huh? Not in the mall itself. Like I said, there's a BN down the road. There was a time you couldn't throw a stone without hitting a Waldenbooks or BDalton in a mall...

Yeah, I travel way too much. My New Year's Resolution is to slow down...except for my trips to NC and Belize in Jan, driving across the country in April (and moving from FL to Denver), a whitewater rafting trip in Idaho in July, Maine in September...maybe WRW in May...okay, maybe I'll slow down in 2009. But don't hold me to it.