Monday, November 19, 2007

Hollywood Calls

Marshal Zeringue runs a couple of great websites for crime fiction fans, including the Page 69 test, the Page 99 test, and My Book, The Movie, where authors speculate on which actors should play the parts should the book be made into a movie. Not much chance--too many books, not enough movies--but The Famous Author threw his two cents in for Marshal's latest fantasy.

Check the link on the upper right. Edward James Olmos? Hulk Hogan? What kind of movie is this?

One of TFA's picks I found especially surprising was Molly Ringwald. TFA thinks Molly would make a wonderful Kelly Burns, the redheaded femme fatale who leads me astray. Now where did he get that idea, I wonder? Has TFA been raiding my Redheads of the Week? Hmmmm.

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