Saturday, November 17, 2007

On Being Chosen

A pal saw this blogger's post yesterday, forwarded it to The Famous Author, who in turn showed it to me. It was a happy shared moment for us, and there haven't been a lot of those lately. TFA and I have been very busy working on my third adventure, which necessitates a certain amount of isolation.

Even when we're working on the same story. Go figure.

Anyway, Blogger Diane of NANNERS AND NOODLES (link at upper right) says she just received a shipment of books from Amazon and posted a photo of her assorted purchases. Oh, my. There's BIG NUMBERS by TFA!

Since Diane hasn't read the book yet, I won't get too gushy. Maybe she won't like me and the crazy things I do. But thumbs up or thumbs down, Diane gets a big thank you for giving us a chance. There are 100 news mysteries and crime novels published every month. Hundreds of thousands of books available to buy.

Diane picked us.

Oh, happy day.


Diane said...

The book sounds great! I'll definitely post a review, which I'm sure will be positive!

Austin Carr said...

TFA says you're a peach, Diane. I agree. Hope you get a few laughs.