Thursday, November 8, 2007


"Hey, Rags. Vick asked me to call you. We're short a fourth at Spring Lake Country Club. Tee time is one hour away. Can you make it?"

"Vick wants me to play with you guys?"

"Yes. Today. Right now. Can you get to Spring Lake in an hour?"

"Sure. My clubs are in the car."

"Well, Vick says get moving. We'll be waiting for you on the first tee."

"I'm leaving right now. Spring Lake Country Club, right?"

"Right." I hang up and push out of the phone booth. I join Vick and Tony in the coffee shop.

"Is he coming?" Vick says.

"Said he's on his way," I say. "He didn't seem thrilled about driving to Foresgate, but he'll probably show up."

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