Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A New Kid in Town

Joining the band yesterday was Grace Eloise Getze, latest grandaughter of The Famous Author. He now has two, Grace and Angelina. They sound like sweet little cherubs, don't they? All sweetness and lace. Why do I have the feeling it'll be a different story in high school?

Grace Eloise is the first child of John and Julie. Congrats, kids. And good luck with those night feedings.



Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie!!! Maybe she'll be a writer. Congrats to TFA.


Anonymous said...

Ditto - congrats to the entire clan.

Austin Carr said...

Writers don't make any money. How about a stockbroker, Grace?

Rick Bylina said...

Congrats to TFA, but how does this babe save Austin Carr from the bad guys in the next book? Tossing her little milk and cookies? Atomic diaper change bomb? The scream to awaken the entire town?

Austin...I need to see you mix it up with a babe that can really fight back.


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