Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Better Than Sex

That's what this French lady reportedly said after fighting this 900-pound Giant Bluefin for three and a half hours. For sure it lasted longer, right guys?

In my current adventure, I get dragged overboard by one of these puppies, the largest member of the tuna family. It is one heck of a ride, let me tell you. Like all tuna, these fish fight like no other. It is rare that a Giant Bluefin is still alive by the time you get it alongside the boat. They literally spend their last ounce of energy fighting that hook.

A true story about a New Jersey fisherman being yanked off his boat by a Giant Bluefin is among the tales that sparked The Famous Author to write Big Numbers. In that real incident, the fisherman was strapped into a fighting chair bolted to the boat deck. Guess the bolts were old and rusted because Big Tuna ripped that chair right out of the wood.

Splash, and the fisherman was gone.

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