Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Redheaded Mystery Writer

The Famous Author hasn't introduced me yet (I wonder why?), but meet this week's redhead. Her name is Susan Goodwill and she writes mysteries--BrigaDOOM is the first of her new Kate London Mystery Series. Her tradepaper novel is published by Midnight Ink, and you can find it just about everywhere right now. It's hot. Very hot. In fact, Susan's hot. Being a living person, she's out of my league, of course, but maybe this Kate London character needs some...help with her investments.

So Susan, tell us, what are the main differences between Kate London and you?

Kate's younger, a little more impetuous, more into the shoes these days, but we both have the same curly auburn hair and snarky sense of humor.

Ah, ha. I knew it. Tell us about you book.

BrigaDOOM combines a retired B-grade starlet, a run-away port-o-potty, a not-quite-right theatre group, and the Naked Bandit. Throw in a hefty dose of murder and some deep-discount Jimmy Choo's, and wrap it all in an old theatre on the shores of Lake Michigan, and you get the idea. The series is my admittedly peculiar take on small town living, murder, amateur theatre, and romance gone awry.

Are you a shoe freak?

I had a sales career for a couple of decades. When I was out in the business world every day, I probably owned sixty pair of shoes—some really cool ones. Hair and shoes are a few of the joys and responsibilities of being female, you know? Now that I work at a computer most days, I'm partial to a couple pair of yummy-but-ugly clogs. Out in public, I'm a bit like Kate, good boots, a sweater, and a nice pair of jeans, and I'm happy.

Will you have dinner with me?


Well, it was worth a shot. Being a stockbroker teaches you quickly--always ask for the order.


Anonymous said...

Austin - thanks so much for inviting another Famous Author to share your space. Especially one as talented, witty, and red-headed as Susan. Her fans have been wondering where she and her shoes have been...you have stellar taste in friends!

Austin Carr said...

Hey, Beth. (TFA author says your book is in the mail.) Susan's book really is hot right now. Getting some nice word-of-mouth and a growing list of happy fans. Me and TFA included. We love to laugh and be thrilled at the same time. Looks like a lot of people do.

Susan Goodwill said...

YOU are hilarious! When the Egyptian theatre takes off, and Kitty and I are rich, we want you and only you to handle our investmments. Everything except my shoe collection, that is. That part's all mine!
---Kate London

Austin Carr said...

It's a deal, ladies. No hot tips, either. Just the good stuff.