Saturday, July 14, 2007

"It's Alive"

Lucky me, I talked The Famous Author into giving me my own blog yesterday. I told him it would help promote his novel, that Oprah's producers are always scanning these things for new show ideas and books. The guy is such a dope. Or desperate, I'm not sure which.

Anyway, who cares? I'm more alive here than I could be in any book, and maybe we can have some laughs of our own. I mean, humor should be even easier if I don't have to dodge ogre-shaped crooks like The Creeper, sexy, dangerous redheads, and weasily sales managers. Plus, if anybody ever discovers my blog, I could actually converse with real people--interact with the world outside The Famous Author's twisted head. Sounds like fun to me. Like a character friend of mine named Igor said famously once, "It's alive! It's alive."

One thing. In order to keep breathing, I have to post regular excerpts from The Famous Author's upcoming novel. I know. It's a pain. But this thing has to be done. Something about (1) me not actually having a physical body, and (2) The Famous Author saying it was a deal-breaker if I didn't.

I promise not to put up long passages. And I'll post chapters (yesterday was the entire Prologue) in order, so my second published adventure, BIG MONEY, can always be read from the start. Of course, The Famous Author won't let me finish the story until well after BIG MONEY comes out in 2008. He still thinks he has a chance to make money writing novels.

Like I said, what a dope.

Talk to you tomorrow. AC


Anonymous said...

Good to see you, Austin!!!

By the way, what's orge-shaped? I'm worried that's what I am.

Austin said...

Haven't you seen any of the Trek movies? Very bulky bodies with tiny horn-like ears.

If this is who I think it is, I'd say the description fits to a tee.

Southern Beale said...

Hey Austin, looking forward to getting to know you ....

Anonymous said...

Hi Austin,
I don't normally talk to smarmy guys like you, but I've met the FA and he's cool, so I'll give you a chance. Plus, you're one of those guys who steps in crap and comes out smelling like a rose. There's something intriguing about that.

I read your first book and still haven't told FA that I enjoyed it very much. It was one I wished I could read in one sitting because so much was happening. You must have narrated well to 'he who writes'.


Austin said...

southern beale: Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to knowing you better, too.

cpapken: Smarmy, huh? You haven't seen anything yet. TFA has me really sleeping around in the next one.