Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've Always Loved Lucy

After much rumination, and consultation with shrinks, I now believe this thing I have for redheads stems from Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy show reruns. She was pretty, spunky, sexy in her own funny way, and definitely all the entertainment you’d ever need for a long weekend.

Yes, she was a pain in Ricky's ass, but there must have been plenty of good reasons why her hot Latin musician husband never strayed in all those years.

So Lucy, the COAC’s first honored redhead spot belongs to you. Congrats, honey! Wish I could give you a big wet kiss.

Speaking of redheaded women, one of my very favorites these days is a sassy newcomer to the world of Austin Carr. Her name is Iris, and I met her a few weeks ago in Boise, Idaho.

The Famous Author met her first, of course. He did his little pitch thing on her at The Rediscovered Bookshop while in town for Murder in the Grove, a mystery convention, and I suppose he must have done a pretty good job, as Iris decided to give Big Numbers a shot.

That’s when she met me.

The rest, as they say, is history. Turns out Big Numbers is one of Iris’s top picks this month at Rediscovered Books (TFA just showed me Iris’s blurb in the bookstore’s newsletter) and as far as I’m concerned, TFA and I agreeing wholeheartedly on this, Iris is a real peach. We are going to send her something nice in the mail.


the other rick said...

AMEX...Is that still alive?

Brenda Starr! Just lie with her between your pages until the ink runs.

Is that a madwoman with a knife coming up behind you? Look out! It's the ghost of Rita Hayworth.

Austin Carr said...

The AMEX is most definitely still around and the scene of many recent big scores. A bit looser than the NYSE, and more opportunity for...well, you know.

Ooh, ooh. Brenda Starr was HOT. So was Rita. Both of these ladies may soon decorate my page, but Rhonda Fleming may come up first. Then there's this cute little mystery writer that might show up, too. Susan something.