Saturday, November 19, 2016

Read My First Adventure Free

In what they hope is a shrewd marketing ploy, The Famous Author and his publisher Down & Out Books are offering the first novel in my series absolutely free. Truth. You can download an eBook of BIG NUMBERS from multiple sources for zippola.

TFA and his publisher are hoping you'll like me, of course, want to pick up my later adventures and actually pay for them.

I wish them luck as I hope you like me, too. And buying additional books in the series will hopefully convince TFA to get busy on a new adventure for me, not Mama Bones. He's working on an historical piece with her as the star.

Download a free copy of BIG NUMBERS from AMAZON.


Or iTunes.  Or Kobo.


Mykol Hamilton said...

I'm loving Big Numbers. But almost every single Spanish word or phrase is wrong! Please ask a native speaker to edit your Spanish.

Here's what I've seen so far, up to page 142:

Pocito = poquito p. 48
Pachuko = pachucho (there's no K in Spanish) p. 82
"No habla English" means you/she/he doesn't speak English. Should be "No hablo." I don't. p. 117
Seite isn't a word. Siete means 7. p. 117
Via con dios = vaya con dios. p. 142

One English error (which means that other than your Spanish, the editing is excellent). On p. 67. feint should be faint.

Mykol Hamilton said...

Sorry, pachuco, not pachucho. Typo. My bad.

Jack Getze said...
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Austin Carr said...

Thanks, Mykoi. I'll tell TFA to try harder next time, hire an expert. He thinks he knows a little Spanish but obviously not so much. We both appreciate you taking the time. :)