Friday, August 7, 2015

Was Vincent Van Gogh murdered?

Vincent Van Gogh painted this peaceful scene one week or two before they say he shot himself. No one really knows, because no pistol was ever found. There was a bullet inside him, and though it struck no vital organ, he died the next day of infection because there was no doctor to remove it.

What if Vincent didn't shoot himself? Yes, he cut off his own ear in anger over a fight with Paul Gauguin, another artist, and yes, Vincent had suffered several bouts of mental depression, hallucinations and violent outbreaks. Thirty villagers once signed a petition to throw the "redheaded madman" out of Arles.

But what if he was murdered?

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Jack Getze said...

What the hell is this, Austin? When is our next books coming out? What happened to Mama Bones' story.