Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BIG SHOES (#4) Available for Pre-Order

The big thing about my temporary business partner, Angelina "Mama Bones" Bonacelli, her routine professional consultations can easily deteriorate into criminal activity and violence. Breakfast appointments have been raided by the FBI. Her Power Point presentation to a Jersey state racing
commission last summer ended in a fist fight, then later in the parking lot, automatic weapons fire. As a Jersey shore racketeer with direct ties to what's left of a once powerful New York crime family, Mama Bones packs an abundance of local power, not to mention a loaded nine-millimeter.

So begins my fourth adventure in Branchtown, New Jersey, that fictional city where truth battles the baloney at every intersection. Not scheduled for actual publication until the middle of next month, and brought to you by that new powerhouse publisher of modern crime, Down & Out Books, readers can pre-order BIG SHOES from Amazon here.

In BIG SHOES, I finally tell Mama Bones to let me go. I need my freedom. The death toll around Branchtown's stock and bond community has reached septic proportions. I'd rather sell used cars.

But Mama Bones has urgent matters that need my help; mainly that her wise guy boss The Turk wants to kill both of us. A stunning but troubled redhead follows me and Mama Bones into a dark world of racing secrets, child trafficking and old rivalries. Both of us must step up our game to walk in someone else's Big Shoes.

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