Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ten Strange Things About TFA

As a reporter for The Los Angeles Times, TFA rode with the Associated Press and The New York Times on an oil tanker (The Arco Juneau) out of Valdez, Alaska. They were loaded with the first oil traveling the Alaska Pipeline from Prudhoe Bay, and were the target of multiple bomb threats -- something they told him AFTER they arrived at Cherry Point, Washington. Way to get the scoop, TFA.

He used to work with the grandson of a very famous New York mafia don.

He once delivered -- in person --  a rich dentist and the dentist's large campaign donation to California Governor Jerry Brown and his rock singer girlfriend Linda Ronstadt. She pretended TFA wasn’t there.

He didn’t get the job once because his shoes weren’t shined. What a dope!

His friends call him TFA (The Famous Author) because he is so NOT famous.

BIG NUMBERS is a conglomeration of exaggerated true stories: Fish drowning fishermen; brokers marrying their rich clients’ widows; men living in cars trying to make alimony payments.

TFA loves things from Mexico, especially Mariachis, chili Colorado and tacos.

He has a sometimes dog and a permanent cat that he grouches at for coming in and out of the snow.

He actually believes the third time is the charm because after two divorces, he tried one more time and has now been married 35 years to the same woman.  
He gets sinusitis every winter when the house heat goes on.

He grows secret vegetables in the wife’s flower garden every summer.

Thanks to Jack Getze for being the butt of this joke.


Les Edgerton said...

Well, in our house, Jack IS The Famous Author! If he isn't, he should be--his books are flat-out terrific! But, more importantly, in person he's the best drinking buddy you could ever glom onto.

Full disclosure: When he lost the job because his shoes weren't shined, that wasn't the whole story--fact is, they were tennis shoes and they WERE shined. That was the problem...

Jack Getze said...

Les and I are the only crime writers who call sneakers tennis shoes.