Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TFA Visits Katee Sackhoff's Movie Set

The Famous Author is hipper than we all thought. Not only does he know who Katee Sackhoff is, he was on the shooting set this week of her upcoming movie, grinning and trying to stay out of the way -- mandatory for movie set visitors.

Honestly, I'm jealous. While he didn't get to actually meet Katee and drool on her shoes, he watched her rehearse, perform and interact with the director in a movie to be entitled GIRL FLU. Not bad for an old man who didn't fall in love with Katee during Battlestar Galactica like more moderate age groups. TFA says he's a fan of Longmire, where Katee has been one of the main characters. A deputy sheriff I think. Longmire is a cowboy show, currently cancelled but seeking a new home. Why would they cancel a show with Katee in it? It's for geezer audiences.

Katee is not really a redhead, me thinks, but we found this picture of her, and that's good enough for Austin Carr's Redhead of the Week. Katee might be be redhead of the year. What do you think?

Here's Katee's offical website.

And here's a Facebook page with shots from the movie production.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Fun Reacher from Lee Child

Lee Child's ex-Army Policeman Jack Reacher shows up in D.C. to say hello to a wonderful voice on the phone, but the surprise he gets isn't happy. Reacher finds himself on the wrong side of the lockup, back in the Army and way deep in trouble, Reacher getting blamed for everything except World War II. I particularly liked his relationship with another wrongly blamed Army type -- the sexy female he came to see -- and the lengthy and exciting road trip they take. The ending was a bit of a let down, although the lack of a major final confrontation played out logically with the story. I am getting a bit tired of Reacher beating up nine guys at once and never taking a punch. Is it even possible to fight three or four men and not get a scratch? Well, these stories are way too much fun to care about that, and have no fear, Mr. Child, I -- and a million others -- will read the next Jack Reacher as soon as we're able.