Thursday, April 17, 2014

Protagonist or Antagonist, Who Will YOU Root for?

With both hands, I lift Nataska’s mask from the blanket and draw the Black Ogre’s likeness down over my face. Gazing through, a current of strength races through me, as if the black spirit's power flows directly to my heart. There is comfort in the darkness, the cover such a screen provides. This is natural. All living things must have a black kachina to go to, a killing spirit when they are attacked, a monster in chains. Why? Because everything in this world both eats and is eaten. Nature seeks us out for slaughter, and staying alive and leaving seed means protecting your ferocity. Each of us needs the ability to wage war, to struggle for our lives. And so while half the world criticizes, sees me as villain, I know I fight for my people, my culture and all the forgotten lives on this harsh globe -- that place where all of us are still eaten. And though the White Man has killed millions of American Indians, only one is needed to get even. Me. With the determination of a desperate man, I light the candle. I care not if the fire engulfs us all.

A complete manuscript is available from TFA's agent, Paula Munier at Talcott Notch. BLACK KACHINA is a 70,000 word contemporary thriller. Protagonist or antagonist -- which will YOU root for?

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