Monday, January 13, 2014

Blog Touring as a Frog

Man, The Famous Author really says some weird stuff trying to promote our books, The Austin Carr Mystery Series. He's touring virtually this month (online) with Book Nerd Blog Tours, visiting internet book hotspots like Paris Carter and All That's Written, running pictures like this ---

and saying even dumber things, such as:

"It’s important to LOOK busy, even when you’re not, so my desk looks like I single-handedly put out the New York Post everyday. Visitors are intimidated into thinking I must be a genius in order to find anything. The bookshelf has more dictionaries and grammar guides than most small libraries, although who needs them now that Google answers all questions, spells the hard words and can even translate if you want to get fancy with Latin or French. The calendar and map on the wall are no longer important. I hardly go anywhere."

TFA! Hey old man! What kind of publicity is this? Hate to say it, TFA, but the image you're spreading is more like what's below than a skilled author.

Although happy frogs can be fun.

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Les Edgerton said...

Man, that looks exactly like my working room! That is, it looks like it would if I ever straightened it up... I'm really glad you mentioned New York's best newspaper instead of that rag that claimed that title at one time...